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EZHosiery.com was first started in the end of 1999 by a few women who loved hosiery and believed that fashion hosiery has yet to be introduced into the United States by hosiery companies in the USA. The founders have seen that fashion hosiery is a big deal in Europe and especially in Asia. Women wore fashion hosiery as an accessory on their legs to show off their fashion wardrobe and also their beautiful shoes. Women in Europe wore fashion hosiery very elegantly while women in Asia wore fashion hosiery very stylistically. As a result, EZHosiery.com founders decided that it was time that American women get a taste of what is happening outside of America in the fashion hosiery industry. It was the founders dream to introduce fashion hosiery into the USA and bring fashion hosiery into the homes of women.
During the end of 1990s with the Internet boom ending, the founders believed that it was still too hard to convince fashion lovers to appreciate fashion hosiery from the Internet channel. As a result, the founders felt that it was necessary to provide the best possible customer service in the world and best personal attribution to the customers who were willing to even click on the hosiery website. For those customers who made a hosiery purchase, giving us this chance to show-off our fashion dreams, EZHosiery.com wrote a personal "Thank You" card and gave a free hosiery gift to express our sincerest appreciation. This personal note of appreciation was an appreciation that meant the most to us, that symbolized an uniqueness that did not exist on any other Internet retail stores. We believed we were the first company to have started this policy.
Through many years of investment into EZHosiery.com, fashion hosiery have indeed charged into America's fashion industry at a rapid rate starting with fishnet tights as the major trend. As the years passed and with an economy slowly depreciating, it is true that EZHosiery.com have continued its number 1 ranking on major search engines under the keyword "Hosiery" and "Fashion Hosiery" among others.
In the beginning of 2009, the founders of EZHosiery decided to re-organize its internal structure and to step up to a different level. EZHosiery.com founders felt that it was time to reveal an aspect about fashion hosiery that has never been embraced on the Internet. The founders believed that fashion hosiery is able to expand and attract a different customer demographic. However, that goal never flourished. Year 2009 was a disappointing year leading the founders to consider its termination. It took a long time for the founders to come to this conclusion. There are so many hosiery customers of ours that love our hosiery and our services. Letting go of a group of hosiery customers is a high and painful price to pay and it certainly has caused a lot of tears. Although our hosiery sales continued to grow, it is true that our inventory did not. At this point, EZHosiery.com has finally decided to close its doors and is taking this bold step to announce its departure from the Internet world and from the fashion industry. The founders love fashion and they love hosiery. We hope that we do get to serve you one last time and that YOU, as our hosiery customers, continue to love fashion and hosiery as time goes by.

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Ultra Sheer Pantyhose, Control Top Hosiery, Graduated Compression Hosiery, Shock-Up Pantyhose, Microfiber Control Top Tights, Pattern and Fishnet Tights
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Classic and Fashion
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Classic and Fashion
Round the Clock
Shiny Sheer Pantyhose, Control Top Hosiery
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