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Lenobis Fashion BOUQUET - Floral Patterned Pantyhose /Sheer Hosiery. A Moda Collection.

Soft and Sensual Roses Along the Front of Your Legs from your toes to your waist.

A Very Sexy & Sheer Hosiery with "BOUQUET" Patterns from Hips to Toes. You will automatically look more beautiful with lengthier legs simply by wearing this pair of hosiery underneath your matching colored skirt/dress!

Thermo-Shaped Pantyhose with a Flat Seam.

Cotton Gusset and Double Covered Spandex for Extra Strength and Durability.

93% Nylon and 7% Spandex.

Another floral fashion hosiery that gives you a sophisticated look. The floral patterns on this hosiery stretches from your front hip area to your toe area, along the entire length of your legs. Wear this style with a classical form fitting dress, and you will be complimented for your elegance!
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