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Emilio Cavallini BUTTERFLY Fun Theme Fashion Collection Sheer Hosiery.

Style Butterfly looks very good when you match them with your dress suit. Most would probably hesitate or never even think about it. With an alignment of butterflies on the entire side of your legs from heels to upper thighs as the pattern, you probably thought this style is too wild. Nope. Butterfly looks great with dress suits. Dress suits are elegant, formal, professional and conservative by nature. However, if you are the type that likes to be fashionable a bit more and you prefer not to be too mundane while at work or on business, wearing this style will actually bring out an element of fun spontaneity in your dress suit too, and perhaps even sexyness. Look at the photo and see what we mean. When you wear Butterfly with your dress suit, you will feel more professional, happy and thus more sexy, all at the same time. Of course, we also think Butterfly can match other styles of clothing. We just chose dress suits because we think the match is more intimately sexy!

Butterfly Panty-Lace-Top, even more sexy!

90% Nylon & 10% Spandex.
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