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Background to Danskin.
Started in 1882 as a small family owned business, Danskin Brand's mission was to develop innovative styles of tights and leotards for New York City Dancers. With dancers on their legs for hours per day sweating and using all their leg muscle groups, Danskin saw the essence in catering to their bodily needs in an effort to increase their performance level at the same time. Each pair of tights is made in performance fabrics such as O2 performance and Supplex with Lycra. Danskin tights are designed to absorb sweat easily to prolong the dancer's rehearsal and performance time. For over 120 years now, Danskin is internationally recognized as being among the first to introduce dancing tights in colors "Ballet-Pink" and "Theatrical-Pink". Almost all dancers today own a pair of tights in colors "Ballet-Pink" or "Theatrical-Pink".

EZHosiery.com is extremely proud to offer Danskin tights to all of our customers including girls. With today's diverse modes of living a healthy lifestyle through Yoga, Walking, Jogging, Pilates, Running, Bicycling, Skating and many many more, Danskin's mission today is to offer women clothes to supplement their lifestyle comfortably without any stress.
Danskin tights enable women and girls to participate in their daily feminine activities effectively and productively. Please find high quality women and girls tights here. If worn correctly, you can wear these opaque tights as fashion accessory too.

Color Chart

DANSKIN 9754 Microfiber Low-Waist Opaque Cropped Leggings/ Tights
Sizing Chart
Most Danskin beautiful Capri footless low-waist tights. You do not need to have a pattern for a pair of Capri leggings if you have the right pair. Take a look at the photos inside and you will know what we mean. It is beautiful!
PRODUCT CODE:  danskin9754 Regular Price:  $12.50 Sale Price:  $7.13

DANSKIN 8996 Fashion or Action Low-Waist Stretch Fit Capri Leggings
Sizing Chart
A multi-purpose Capri leggings either for sports, lounging, dancing or as a fashion statement. This low-rise stretch-fit is comfortable because they are made with cotton and Lycra. Many female celebrities wear them now and we highly recommend them too!
PRODUCT CODE:  danskin8996 Regular Price:  $21.00 Sale Price:  $12.97

DANSKIN 605 Microfiber Hipster Low-Waist Capri Women Dance Leggings/ Tights
Sizing Chart
A pair of low-rise hipster capri tights permitting you to wear your tights under or over your leotard below the tutu line.
Great Pair To Wear As Thin Leggings Under Short Skirts Too!
PRODUCT CODE:  danskin605 Regular Price:  $17.00 Sale Price:  $9.69

DANSKIN 715 Light-Weight Women Footed Fishnet Tights
Sizing Chart
A fashion fishnet tights that is reputable because of its lightness and because of its sewn-on no-roll comfort waist band.
PRODUCT CODE:  danskin715 Regular Price:  $13.00 Sale Price:  $7.41

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