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HYD DESERT EXPLORER - Wild and Exotic Fashion Style Pattern Pantyhose

Run into the Wild Woods or Walk down the street? This style is another very uniquely designed pair of fashion pantyhose. We love this style because of the amount of flavors this style brings into your wardrobe. Not only can this style be wild and hip as if you are wearing a cowboy outfit, this pair of pantyhose can look very techy for those who love the "Alternative" styles of clothing. In addition, this style can also look very elegant and classy too when you match them with a similar colored classical style suit. To acquire this elegant, clean and sophisticated look, it is definitely important to match this pantyhose with only the outfit, dress, or skirt that contains the same color as this pair of pantyhose. Choosing to match this pantyhose with color pink, for example, will not give you the sophisticated clean look you desire. Rather, you will acquire the funky alternative look. We love this pair because it is uniquely capable of giving a wider selection of style!!

Thick Fashion Pair with Reinforced Toe.


No Pantylines

Cotton Gusset

Gives Out HYD Non-Allergenic Fresh Scent Exclusively HYD's

Tested Free For Harmful Substances

Made with 85% Nylon & 15% Spandex
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