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Ellen Tracy Sizing Chart
Ellen Tracy Sizing Chart

Background to Ellen Tracy of America
Ellen Tracy is a very well known woman's fashion company since 1960s. Spearheading the design direction since the 60s, Linda Allard has been celebrated for her easy yet sophisticated approach to designs and her creative use of texture and color. Her ability to incorporate her markings of a modern woman's style with her ability to understand the changing needs of an ever evolving lifestyle makes the brand "Ellen Tracy" foreverlasting popular. Ellen Tracy can be found in specialty stores throughout the United States and Canada. Ellen Tracy now encompasses the signature collection, the more casual CoMPANY collection, petites and a division for larger sizes. In its efforts to making "The Clothing Brand" for the female population, Ellen Tracy's hosiery designs as well as their designs for scarves, leather wear, and eyewear remain comparably high.
As part of a commitment towards an unflawed design production process, Ellen Tracy and Danskin Inc. have mutually joined their American forces in the making of hosiery, tights, footliners, leggings, socks and just about any beautifully made legwear you can imagine. When you see their designs and then feel their aftermath, you will comprehend the reason behind Ellen Tracy's consistently high hosiery sales volume.
EZHosiery.com highly recommends their legwear to you too! Their socks are a rare find while their tights are very kind!

Color Chart

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Ellen Tracy 03054 Smooth Opaque CAPRI Leggings/ Tights
Match this leggings style with a pair of short-shorts or mini-skirt and you will look great! Wear them short to stand out from the crowd. Most women wear them longer and so if you wear them short, you will stand out more! A great buy that will never go out of the season!
PRODUCT CODE:  ellentracy03054 Regular Price:  $10.00 Sale Price:  $5.70
Color:   Size:  

Ellen Tracy 2097 Plus Size Diamond Crochet Pattern Textured Trouser Socks
Comfortable and stylish pair of diamond pattern trouser socks for plus size women. Triple Crochet Diamond Pattern for Strength and Durability.
PRODUCT CODE:  ellentracy02096 Regular Price:  $0.00

Ellen Tracy 996 Color Microfiber Opaque Tights - CONTROL TOP
Rainbow color style opaque tights is hot now. Match your outfit with a pair of color tights and your body will be a fashion hit! It has CONTROL-TOP and MICRO-FIBER comfort too!
PRODUCT CODE:  996 Regular Price:  $15.50 Sale Price:  $8.84

Ellen Tracy 980 Fashion Textured Trouser Socks
Beautifully designed patterned fashion trouser socks that pulls up all the way up to below your knees.
PRODUCT CODE:  980 Regular Price:  $7.00 Sale Price:  $3.99

Ellen Tracy 793/9202 Basic Matte Microfiber Trouser SOCKS Regular and Plus Size
PRODUCT CODE:  9202 Regular Price:  $7.00 Sale Price:  $3.99

Ellen Tracy 791/9482 Basic Satin Microfiber Trouser SOCKS
PRODUCT CODE:  9482 Regular Price:  $8.00 Sale Price:  $4.56

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