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Emilio Cavallini Sizing Chart
Background to Emilio Cavallini - Stilnovo SPA of Italy
"Stilnovo SPA" is an Italian Hosiery company, located near Florence - Italy. It has successfully been in the hosiery field since 1970 under the "Stilnovo", the "Emilio Cavallini" brands and the private label.
In 30 years of business, it has succeeded in making itself known world wide thanks to the creativity of the founder, Emilio Cavallini.
The assets of the company are its technology and its creativity. A flexible structure and technological investments in highly automated machines have lead the company to achieve high quality fashion oriented goods.
Emilio Cavallini hosiery is considered to be another one of the higher-end brand labels of hosiery in the world. The line is sold in major department stores through-out the United States like Barney's New York, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstorms and many other specialty hosiery stores. Spilnova SPA specializes in high-quality basic and fashion oriented products, created with the latest technologies and yarns. Since their products are all being produced in the same factory, Spilnova SPA is able to control the quality and to follow personally the production process.
EZHosiery.com is very happy to have found Emilio Cavallini and have passed their qualifications to sell their products. We would like to let all of our customers know that Emilio Cavallini's designs (hosiery) are indeed one-of-a-kind. After carefully examining the designs to each style of patterned hosiery, our fashion consultants were able to pin-point exactly and to what high-extent so many higher-end department stores would carry their fashion style hosiery. Each of Emilio Cavallini's style of hosiery is very individualistic. Each style carries its own flavor and attitude. And, most of all, when a woman wears their particular style, she will be able to be controlled by that particular STYLE for the rest of the fun night! EZHosiery.com would like to inform all of our customers that Emilio Cavallini Hosiery are very GORGEOUS!
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#2 SOCIALITE Fun Theme Fashion Sheer Hosiery
Beautifully clear and flamboyant single flower plant standing from toes to over-the-knees. This a sheer pantyhose that is fun to wear and has STYLE.
PRODUCT CODE:  503518 Regular Price:  $18.50 Sale Price:  $10.55

#5 BUTTERFLY Fun Theme Fashion Sheer Hosiery
An alignment of butterflies along side the legs from heels to upper-thighs, this fun style of sheer hosiery can bring out the sophistication in your dress suits while making you feel more sexy!
PRODUCT CODE:  Butterfly Regular Price:  $18.50 Sale Price:  $10.55
Color:   Size:  

#1 Style BRIGHT-STAR Fun Theme Fashion Sheer Hosiery
Evenly distributed and consistent little stars cover this entire fashion sheer pantyhose. With a light control-top feature, this pair gives you a sense security too.
PRODUCT CODE:  503418 Regular Price:  $18.50 Sale Price:  $10.55

#4 RHOMBUS Fun Theme Fashion Tights
An equilateral parallelogram pair of tights. The pattern here is air-penetrable so as to keep the design 'Tight' and your legs 'Cool'.
PRODUCT CODE:  910012 Regular Price:  $18.50 Sale Price:  $10.55

#6 LESFLEURES - Fun Theme Fashion Sheer Hosiery
Diverse floral patterned fashion hosiery ranging from rose buds to full blown roses, this style is more soft and refreshing.
****For this style only, the sizes run smaller than all the other Emilio Cavallini styles. If you are 5'3ft and above in height and weigh more than 100lbs, please buy size M/L.****
PRODUCT CODE:  LesFleurs Regular Price:  $18.50 Sale Price:  $10.55

FISHNET - Fashion Textured Collection. Colorful Fishnet Tights
Add a variety of color to your fishnet collections. Fishnet tights are of high demand now and to wear a pair of color is not too easy to find. Colorful fishnets can match any outfit!
PRODUCT CODE:  99918 Regular Price:  $19.00 Sale Price:  $10.83

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