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Evan Picone has stopped production of all its hosiery. Please buy while supplies last.
Background to Evan-Picone
The history behind Evan-Picone is a rather interesting one. The company started with Joseph Picone and Charles Evans in 1949 when Mr.Picone was working out of a storefront on Fifth Avenue near 46th Street New York. Mr. Picone, a native of Castronovo, Sicily, entered the garment business when he was 7 years old as an apprentice to a local tailor. He left Italy in 1936 when he was 18 years of age. Within 3 years, he arrived in the United States and opened his own business making men's trousers. After World War II, he continued his business stitching up slacks at his machine shop at MPA Tailors, which soon became a supplier of pants for Brooks Brothers.
One day, Mr. Picone's own client sent his son, Charles Evans, over to make a business propostion with Mr.Picone. The son, Mr.Evans, had designed a simple skirt with a fly front that he believed would be very appealing to the women's fashion market. When the skirt was beautifully agreed upon by both Charles Evans and Joseph Picone, the two formed a company in 1949 called Evan-Picone.
The Evan-Picone brand was a success almost immediately when thousands of skirts and women's slacks gained the attention of American women.
In 1962, Mr.Evans left the company and went into the real estate business. During the years since Mr.Evans change, Mr.Picone continued his expertise in the clothing industry, including the development of the MaxMara clothing brand.
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