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OROBLU Excell Light Cellulite Control and Cellulite Treatment Hosiery This is a special cellulite control and treatment hosiery made for those who would like to reduce their cellulite, keep their cellulite compressed while maintaining blood flow circulation in the legs. The description below describes the function of this style of hosiery from the waist down to the toes as follows: In the Waist area, This area has medium compression Thong-cut panty to slim the waist and tummy. In the Buttocks area. This area has light compression and special anatomic weaving to smooth the buttocks and highlight their natural line. In the Thigh area. This area has light compression for a better blood circulation. 4mmHg In the Knee area. This area has special compression weave to allow knees greater mobility. In the Calf area. This area has graded compression from ankle to thigh alleviating swelling and fatigue. 6mmHg In the Ankle area: This area has special compression weave to allow ankles greater mobility. 8mmHg In the Foot area: This area has a unique foot compression to stimulate circulation and eliminate fatigue. In the Toe area: This area has toe seams structured to prevent constriction. Besides the features mentioned above, another great aspect about this style is that its front side of the hosiery also controls the tummy. This style has deep elastic waist band to assure a perfect fit. There is a light girdle in the tummy area to control your tummy and the entire pair of hosiery has graduated support with tri-dimensional elasticity to assure mobility. This is a great hosiery to wear for those who stand for long hours, for those who do not like to wear medically compressed hosiery while also wanting a massage feel on the legs. Keep in mind too that the hip area is not lined so that when you wear a dress, the hosiery will not be noticeable. This is a great hosiery because this is so comfortable too! 40 Denier Sheerness 43% Spandex, 56% Polyamid & 1% Cotton
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