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Emilio Cavallini metallic silver, pattern-tops.

These metallic tank-tops look elegant when worn underneath a blazer-jacket. Without a blazer-jacket, they show-off your figure,especially over a form-fitting dress! They exhubrate your youth, vibrancy, confidence and also your emotional well-being. They simply fit over any style of pants or skirt. AND, the styles and colors of these tank-tops will never loose its fashion value!

These essential tank-tops are currently undergoing a big mark-down by our Company. In addition to the mark-downs, each style of tank-tops also have their Exclusive Sale Price too. Please take a look. We hope you enjoy!

Metallic Silver
PRODUCT CODE:  CavalliniMetallicSilverTops Regular Price:  $55.00 Sale Price:  $31.35
Color:   Size:  

PRODUCT CODE:  AnimalPrint Regular Price:  $55.00 Sale Price:  $31.35

PRODUCT CODE:  prints Regular Price:  $60.00 Sale Price:  $34.20
Color:   Size:  

PRODUCT CODE:  CavalliniSpaghettiTops Regular Price:  $39.99 Sale Price:  $22.79
Color:   Size:  

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