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JEWEL - HYD Gold Shimmery Style Fashion Low-Rise Leggings
A pair of Gold Haute-Couture low-rise capri leggings that can be actively, fashionably, funky , and classically worn as a pair of pants. Highly admired in European fashion magazines and celebrities. One of a kind only by HYD.
PRODUCT CODE:  hydjewel Regular Price:  $69.99 Sale Price:  $39.89
Color:   Size:  

ART DECO - HYD Fashion Collection Cutesy Pattern Opaque Tights
A pair of cute and elegant floral colorful pattern opaque tights worn to bring out a sophisticated, fresh and cute fashion statement.
PRODUCT CODE:  hydartdeco Regular Price:  $38.00 Sale Price:  $21.66

PIRATA - HYD Fashion Iconic Frontal Pattern Opaque Tights
A pair of fashion opaque tights with a funky pattern to your imagination. Seen closer, you will see a gold line extending from your ankle to your thighs with a center imaginary pattern focused right below the knees. Wear this to show-off your fashion collection tights.
PRODUCT CODE:  hydpirata Regular Price:  $34.00 Sale Price:  $19.38
Color:   Size:  

MOLLE - HYD Swirly Wild Fashion Opaque Tights.
Young looking pair of fashion tights to bring the youth out of you. You will look happy and young when you wear this very fashionable pair of tights. Many young women wear them!
PRODUCT CODE:  hydmolle Regular Price:  $35.85 Sale Price:  $20.43
Color:   Size:  

ELEGANCE 20 PLUS - IClassics HYD 20 Denier Graduated Compression Sheer Pantyhose
A source of comfort for women who spend long hours standing up. 20 denier sheerness for comfortable and practical everyday wear.
PRODUCT CODE:  hydeleg20 Regular Price:  $31.50 Sale Price:  $17.96
Color:   Size:  

VENUS - Cosmetique - HYD 9 Denier ECO SKIN Ultra Sheer Hosiery.
A 96% nylon sheer hosiery. A "Nylon" fabric style pantyhose made to feel as if you are not wearing any pantyhose.
PRODUCT CODE:  hydvenus Regular Price:  $29.89 Sale Price:  $17.04

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