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EZHosiery.com has been requested by many of our customers to have available "Gift Certificates" so that they can give to their friends and family an opportunity to choose and buy the hosiery of their choice more efficiently. This Gift Certificate will allow you, or those who use them the opportunity to select the hosiery of their choice without having to input their credit card number or having to give their billing information repeatedly. To satisfy and serve our customer's wishes/needs as of 2006, EZHosiery.com has brought your wishes for this efficiency to come into reality.
Simply by clicking on the order button, you will be given a GIFT CERTIFICATE CODE (GCC) upon your check out. This GCC will enable you to buy the same amount of hosiery as your GIFT CERTIFICATE permits, ie your price paid. With this GCC, you will be able to choose as many styles as you want and as many quantities as permitted by your GCC.

Once purchased, the recipient has as long as they want to use them!*

Restrictions on Redemption:
I. Every Gift Certificate issued by EZHosiery.com is a U.S. Dollar amount awaiting EZHosiery.com's hosiery. Every Gift Certificate purchased by our Customer, using a valid Credit Card will be issued a Gift Certificate CODE (GCC). This GCC will be the password code entitling the USER to purchase hosiery from EZHosiery.com only. Whomever holds the GCC and uses this GCC on our website will be the USER. We will not be liable for any lost or stolen GCC(s) and thus not be responsible in case your GCC has been used by another to whom you've never given the Gift Certifcate.
II. *Every Gift Certificate purchased will remain in effect for as long as this GCC service remains in effect.
III. All hosiery purchased using this Gift Certificate will be respected just like all other hosiery ordered on our website; Delivery will be shipped and packaged the same, and all Returning items be instructed according to EZHosiery.com's Policies.
IV. In case USER wants a refund of the Dollar amount remaining in their Gift Certificate, they will have to give a 30 day required notice to us at info@EZHosiery.com or call us at 1-510-471-3500 and give us the original Purchaser's full name, credit card number used for the purchase, Purchaser's telephone or email, and the address where this credit card was billed. To preserve the trust from our Customers/Purchasers, EZHosiery.com reserves the right to prohibit the refund for this Gift Certificate without any of the above listed information within 30 days of its refund notice.

Gift Certificate $100.00
PRODUCT CODE:  GIFT100 Regular Price:  $100.00

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