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Lenobis Fashion GIRASOLI - Floral Patterned Pantyhose /Sheer Hosiery. A Moda Collection.

Sunflower Patterns Along the Entire Side of the Leg.

Besides the floral pattern itself, the general difference between style Girasoli and style Bouquet lies in the the location of the floral pattern. Style Bouquet has its floral pattern along the entire FRONT-SIDE of the leg stretching from hips to toes while style Girasoli has its floral pattern lying along the entire SIDE of the leg stretching from the hips to toe.

Very Comfortable While Beautifully Sheer.

Thermo-Shaped Pantyhose with a Flat Seam.

Cotton Gusset for Extra Strength.

Made with 93% Nylon and 7% Spandex.

A Limited Fashion Collection. Order while supplies last.
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