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Background to GIVENCHY of France.
Hubert de Givenchy was born in 1927 and has discovered his love for fashion since he was only 10 years old. After years debating whether to pursue his dream of becoming a fashion designer or to follow his parents commands for him to become a lawyer, Hubert de Givenchy took the risk to pursue his love. He started out as an apprentice to Robert Piquet and later became the assistant to Lucien LeLong in 1947. Hubert de Givenchy finally developed his confidence and began his own fashion castle in the year 1952 along the streets of Paris, France. Only 1 year after its inception, Givenchy's fashion won him critical acclaim inside many woman's heart. His success in designing simple organdy blouses and cotton pleated skirts quickly and famously spread around Europe especially to Italy and Germany. His haute couture designs unexpectedly impressed the fashion industry. In addition, Audrey Hepburn's love for Givenchy's design and her representation for Givenchy's fashion further built upon Givenchy's popularity world-wide including the United States and Asia. In fact, his styles can be seen in almost every major Audrey Hepburn Movie including "Sabrina", "Funny Face", "Love in the Afternoon", "Charade", and of course, "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Today, Hubert de Givenchy can be named one of the most popular french fashion designers in the 1900s.
EZHosiery.com is proud to have finally found Givenchy hosiery in the year 2003. After looking everywhere for another perfect hosiery brand that is capable of making quality classical hosiery to protect, heal and beautify the legs of our diverse customers, we have found a brand that does also emphasize the simplicity behind fashion hosiery. Fashion hosiery for Givenchy is very simple and non-exagerated. They are very elegant in that your legs stand out even though you are wearing a fashionable item. After extensive trials and errors, EZHosiery.com have indeed luckily found Givenchy. For all those of you who love hosiery, we want you to try them out. Once you wear their hosiery, you will fall in love with them too! They offer classically and fashionably designed hosiery just like all the other brands we carry. The difference? They are Givenchy! Please enjoy!

Color Chart

PRET-A-PORTER 01043 Low Rise Tummy Control WIth THONG DESIGN Sheer Pantyhose
Soft, Sensual, Sexy, Low-Rise Sheer Pantyhose. If you are looking for a pair of low rise pantyhose and you like a thong pantie, then you might like to give this sheer pantyhose a try. Thin Waist-Band & Sandalfoot Too!
PRODUCT CODE:  givenchy01043 Regular Price:  $0.00

An Ocassion Special 536 Shimmery Sheer Pantyhose From Hips to Toes
Sizing Chart
Shimmery pair of hosiery with a panty-slip attached compressing your tummy area inward while lifting your hips. Your legs shimmer! A subtle piece of fashion accessory on your legs!
PRODUCT CODE:  givenchy536 Regular Price:  $8.50 Sale Price:  $4.85

Total Controle 574 Control Top Massaging Pair of Sheer Pantyhose
Sizing Chart
A pair of tough hosiery made to give you firm support in the upper area. This pair of pantyhose massages your legs as longs as you wear them.
Please note that color LACREME will no longer be in production and we are out of size C, D and E.
PRODUCT CODE:  givenchy574 Regular Price:  $10.00 Sale Price:  $5.70

Total Controle 575 Sheer to Waist Firm Support Pantyhose
Sizing Chart
Sheer to Waist pair of Total Controle hosiery. This style gives out the same strength offered by all Total Controle series of hosiery, except that this style is sheer from your waist to your toes.
PRODUCT CODE:  givenchy575 Regular Price:  $9.50 Sale Price:  $5.42

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