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536 Sizing Chart

GIVENCHY Occasion Special 536 Pantyhose. Body Gleamers Superbe Ultra Sheer Fashion Hosiery

Style 536 Body Gleamers pantyhose is an ultra sheer pantyhose that glitters from your toes to your hips. This glitter on the hosiery portrays out a shine on your legs very naturally and evenly. The shimmery shine looks very soft and smooth.

Givenchy Body Gleamers pantyhose also has a panty-slip feature in the upper area. The panty-slip area is a tighter area from your hips to your waist. It is designed to feel supportive around your tummy and your hips, to push your tummy inwards while lifting your hips higher. The area is very comfortable. You'll simply feel like you have a double layer of nylon. You'll feel secure from the control this hosiery provides while you'll feel sexy knowing that your legs looks naturally, softly, evenly, and elegantly shimmery.

20 Denier Sheer Shimmery Appearance

Control-Top Slip. Sandaltoes

Flat Seams.

Fiber Content: 87% Nylon; 12% Spandex; and 1% Cotton.
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