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Lenobis Glamour CALZA 1927 - A New Way to Exhibit Your Legs.

A signature style from LeNOBIS Brand, this style of hosiery is purely ELEGANT! It is a pair of stockings creating the visual effect of elongation. The different colored line plus the heel design in the back gives your legs a more stretchy appearance. There are many ways to wear this stylish pair of stockings. We will list them below for you. It is hard to express the details of this style, and thus our webmasters placed all three colors of stockings onto the photo for your review.

Notice that this style of stockings does not extend all the way to your upper-thighs. This style extends only to the mid-thigh area, depending on your size choice. If you choose a larger size, then the stockings may be pulled higher. If you choose to wear this style as a pair of thigh-high stockings, then we suggest that you use a garter belt for safe-keeping the hosiery in place and preventing it from falling.

20 Denier Sheernes

58% Polyamid, 35% Polyester, & 7% Elastam

Ways to Wear Calza 1927:
1. The easiest way to wear this hosiery is to simply wear a matching short skirt. Wearing this style with a short skirt is eye-catching because wearing this style is just quite different. This pair of hosiery does not pull up entirely to the upper-thighs. This pair of hosiery pulls up only to mid-thigh area. Thus, when you wear a short skirt with this style, your lower portion of the body beginning from where your skirt looses sight, will gain sight. This style is beautiful because other people see your legs more. With a single colored base hosiery and a different color straight line over, your legs will give off a more elongated appearance. The line behind the hosiery extends the length of your legs by visual perception. With short skirt and an elongated effect, your entire body along with your dress will look gorgeous.

2.Wear this hosiery with a longer skirt. With a longer skirt, a classy feel to your entire wardrobe will pop up. The design to this pair of hosiery is very elegant and classical to begin with. If you wear a longer skirt, or longer dress with this hosiery, then you will mark your leg look with that special line behind the hosiery. By having the line behind your lower portion of your legs along with matching high-heels and an overall beautiful long dress/ skirt, then you will give an overall appearance of sophistication, grace, elegance! It's very classy with an evening wear. If you wear this stocking with a longer dress/skirt, we suggest you might want to hold the hosiery up with a garter belt.

Like many of our hosiery styles, if you find more attributes to this style of hosiery or more ways to wear this style of hosiery, please inform us.
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