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December 2010 News: EZHosiery.com Company Is CLOSING!!

EZHosiery.com founders have decided to close its business down. This decisions comes after a lengthy debate between and amongst the team. There have been arguments regarding this issue. However, after several months, the decision comes at a final price. EZHosiery.com asks YOU to give us a last chance to serve you. We have been known to be a website to cater to the needs of our customers. We are sorry to see this service disappear. Thank you for your support throughout the years. All Sales Are Final!!

SUMMER 2010 News: EZHosiery.com Company Re-Organization!!

EZHosiery.com is proud to announce a change in the way we are going to do business. For the past 8 years of serving our customers who love classical hosiery, fashion pantyhose and colorful opaque tights & leggings, we have noticed that a change in the way we conduct our business is essential to take our Company to a special level and to expose our Company to a more diverse range of people. EZHosiery.com has noticed that we have begun this business in the year 1999 for the love of pantyhose and for the love of serving our hosiery customers. Our Company was established due to our drive to enhance the way men and women view hosiery. Our Company was formed by a group of women who truly loved hosiery and who truly loved fashion. Today...EZHosiery.com is proud to announce our NEW PLAN to re-organize our Company; to take EZHosiery.com SLOWER and more DETAILED. EZHosiery.com is known for its better priced hosiery, higher quality pantyhose and more beautiful service. We will continue our MOTTO.....PLUS MORE!

Fall 2007 News: EZHosiery.com Brings Berkshire Online A Step Further!!

“Sexy ……Luxurious ……Comfortable …..” This is the slogan for our newly launched hosiery line – Berkshire Hosiery. We are more than happy to introduce the Berkshire Hosiery because it is simply the finest made, best fitting, sexiest looking hosiery on the market. Based in North Carolina, Berkshire hosiery’s popularity lies in its ability to design, to produce and to manufacture hosiery for all types of women.
What's better about Berkshire than the competition? The simple answer is everything! Berkshire Hosiery, founded in 1906, is now one of the largest hosiery Company in the world. It is manufactured in the United States and most of the processes are still done by hand which is different from the competition. At Berkshire, designers are not encouraged to choose their materials based on cost but quality instead. Berkshire hosiery is now well recognized to be the best in the industry for designing revolutionary hosiery styles and for designing hosiery that actually “FIT”. They have Regular Size as well as Queen Size hosiery to accommodate a larger market for women of different sizes. The Regular Size styles will conform to the shape of your leg giving you a natural look and an amazing feel. The Queen Size styles will do the same and fit better than the competition because their Queen Sizes are constructed and designed to fit a larger woman. Rather than making “bigger sizes” like their competitors, Berkshire designed and manufactured accordingly in the waist, hips, thighs, calf, and foot area to “FIT” the body of a larger size woman. What is more amazing about the Queen Size hosiery is the exclusive Pana-fit design by the Berkshire Company.

Exclusive Pana-fit design
The Queen Size pantyhose fit better than other pantyhose brands because Berkshire employees carefully hand sew an especially Berkshire shaped panel in the panty area precisely to fit the buttocks for a larger size woman. This technique is called “PANA-FIT”. This design gives you a fuller fit STRETCH PANEL panty for more freedom to bend and move. With this technique being refined continuously for 30 years, this “PANA-FIT” technique has garnered a huge level of success amongst hosiery lovers.

EZHosiery.com is carrying Berkshire hosiery to you because we have found Berkshire hosiery to be of high quality. For additional information on Berkshire Hosiery or your interest in the products that Berkshire offers, please visit the below webpage or give a call at 1-888-977-1133.

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Before knowing how a pair of hosiery is made, you must first know the details of all the textile materials available for the production of hosiery.
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If you love your hosiery or you want to save your hosiery to save cost, there are many actions you can take to prolong your hosiery's life. See Below:
Hosiery Care The following tips are helpful to substantially lengthen the life of your hosiery: How to wear • Remove all jewelry, check fingernails and toenails and file down any rough edges • The use of hosiery gloves is recommended when putting on your hosiery • When putting on hosiery, gather each leg at the ankle; smooth over the foot and gently up the leg • Hands should work from front to back of your leg, pulling each leg equally to stretch yarns simultaneously and ensuring a smooth appearance • Using a moisturizer on both hands and feet can stop your hosiery from snagging on rough skin How to Wash & Dry • Ideally wash your hosiery by hands in gentle soap flakes, hand washing liquid or a neutral shampoo (highly recommended) • Gently message your hosiery between your hands • If not, place your hosiery in a hosiery bag or pillow case inside out during wash cycle in a washing machine (alternative) • Wash dark, light & colored fabrics separately • Always washed by mild detergent with cool water • Never try to bleach your hosiery (bleach removers color and weaken fibers) • Dry your hosiery by rolling in a towel to remove moisture • Allow to lay flat to air-dry over a bath or shower • Hosiery may dry in a dryer on low heat or delicate setting (preferably not) • Do not iron your hosiery
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