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HYD IRIS - Mini-Micro Fishnet Tights with Floral Pattern Panty

A strong pair of fashion tights with a Mini-Micro fishnet pattern. We recommend this pair all year round. When seen up close this pair looks like a pair of fishnet tights. However, because the nets are closely knitted to each other (tiny holes), this pair looks more like a pair of tights from a far. All this leads to being able to wear them in summer because the nets permit air penetration to prevent foot problems and being able to wear them in winter to keep your legs warm.
In addition, the lace floral design permits women to wear them as a panty.

Cotton Gusset. Flat Seams.

Reinforced Toe. Thermoironed.

Made with Fresh HYD Scent. Non-Allergenic.

Tested Free From Harmful Substances. Environmentally Friendly.

Made with 85% Nylon & 15% Spandex.
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