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Background to Lenobis of Italy.

Background to Lenobis of Italy. "Lenobis is facing - or, rather, as it's legs we're talking about - striding into the third millennium with the renewed strength of its alliance with Olmetto to meet the challenges of the global market with enhanced vigor and its customary elegance", Lenobis 2001. In 1927, Enrico Siboni, an able and enterprising production executive in a well-known company producing stockings, decided to start his own activity. Settling in his own path, a milestone in the history of stocking, Nobis Manifattura Calza was born. For 70 years, "Stocking" has been the main article capturing the interests of production in his company. After the founder, Renato Siboni took in his hands the company by following his father's philosophy "who works good, will always work". As a matter of fact, thanks to Renato's ability, the Nobis label reached a capillary distribution all over the national market, taking an important place in the qualified retail trade for women and men. After Renato Siboni, the helm of Nobis was further transcended by and through his heir Giancarlo Siboni. With the intelligence, skill, ability and hard word from Giancarlo Siboni, a creative brain that has been able to continue the tradition of big research and tests on yarns, the Lenobis brand label was created. Giancarlo Siboni's vast experiences with hosiery and business opportunities led to the beginning of Lenobis' conquest in the international hosiery market. The beauty behind Lenobis products lies in its ability to manufacture the goods which they have carefully designed by themselves. After many years of experience in the hosiery industry and after acquiring a vast range of know-hows from the market, Lenobis has captivated its audience by settling with the use of 9 major categories of hosiery including 'BASIC', 'CLASSIC', 'ELITE', 'VITA BASSA', 'GLAMOUR', 'FASHION', 'FUTURA', 'SHORT', and 'SOCKS'. Each category of hosiery is unique in its own right. Each category speaks its own manufacturing language whereby the purchaser can see and feel its unique features and/or its own special technological procedures once they put on the hosiery for which the hosiery categorically represent. While there are hundreds of styles of hosiery, pantyhose, tights, stockings, knee-highs, and socks designed by a team of carefully selected Lenobis hosiery designers, every style of Lenobis hosiery will fall under one category within the 9 categories; Each style will encompass one among the nine manufacturing language used to produce that particular style. For example, a pair of 'Softness 30' style hosiery would be manufactured by using Lenobis' 'FUTURA' techniques. A pair of 'GLAMOUR' hosiery, for example, style 'Passion', would be a pair of stockings manufactured by using Lenobis' own 'GLAMOUR' manufacturing techniques. With 9 different categories and with hundreds of styles to choose from, Lenobis brand hosiery is truly among one of the most well-liked and highest quality hosiery available, appealing to almost every person who loves to buy and wear hosiery. Lenobis is a successful brand of hosiery in the European Market and EZHosiery.com is the first company to sell their products in the United States. We are certain that you may find the pair you like too, although we are afraid that we do not carry ALL of the styles they manufacture at this time yet.

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VITA BASSA LOW WAIST - 50 Denier Stretch Opaque BellyButton Pantyhose
A low waist style sheer opaque stretch pantyhose with wider waist band for durability, support and control and with a low waist panty for comfort.
PRODUCT CODE:  lowwaist Regular Price:  $20.40 Sale Price:  $11.63

CLASSIC RELAXAN 70 - Graduated Compression Hosiery
Graduated Compression pantyhose. The Lycra tightens up from your toes to your hips so as to help your blood flow better. Hides cellulites and prevents varicose veins. Good for feeling more energized.
PRODUCT CODE:  Relaxan70 Regular Price:  $23.45 Sale Price:  $13.37

FUTURA SOFTNESS 30 - Silky Feel 30 Denier Luminous Sheer Hosiery
We can safely say that Softness is one of the most Soft pantyhose we've ever felt. It is also smooth and run-resistant.
PRODUCT CODE:  Softness30 Regular Price:  $21.85 Sale Price:  $12.45

CLASSIC TIRAMISU - 30 Denier Compression Hosiery (Pantyhose)
Pantyhose with Girdle, Support & Massage Function
PRODUCT CODE:  2230 Regular Price:  $19.50 Sale Price:  $11.12

CLASSIC COMFORTABLE - Control Top Hosiery with Hip-Up Support Hosiery
Control Top, Compression Top, Hip Support Hosiery. Specially and Technically designed for women who wears Control Top Hosiery.
PRODUCT CODE:  2180 Regular Price:  $16.97 Sale Price:  $9.67

ELITE SOFFIO DORATO 8 - Super Ultra Thin Sheer TANNING Pantyhose
Ultra Sheer Pantyhose to fit you perfectly on your skin as if you are not wearing any pantyhose. This style can help elongate the appearance of your legs by being able to tan your legs when you wear them during summer.
PRODUCT CODE:  SoffioDorato Regular Price:  $19.50 Sale Price:  $11.12

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