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Lenobis Sizing Chart
Lenobis - FASHION
It is 1927, the acme of refinement and elegance. A slender thread of silk is veiling the legs of the most stylish women of the time. Enrico Siboni establishes his company in Milan and shows his first collections. Creativity, style, and quality ensure a crescendo of success. Weaving through generations, this thread today is made of increasingly sophisticated and technologically advanced materials. But it is still worked with the same care and love for elegance and innovation, capturing the trends in the air, the moods of the moment." Lenobis July, 2001.

While EZHosiery.com carries many brands that sell fashion hosiery, EZHosiery.com must recommend Lenobis as its fashion brand of choice. From "METAL DOUBLE", which style can be worn two-sided to "GARDEN", which style is so elegant and so sophisticatedly sexy, we can safely say that Lenobis carries the BEST fashion hosiery currently available to EZHosiery.com's knowledge. Lenobis' fashion hosiery are fashionably eye-catching when worn correctly. If you want to see fashion spread beautifully, elegantly, trendy, sexy on your legs, Lenobis should be your priority!
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FASHION PEARL - Striped Pattern Over Black Opaque Tights
Great to wear for those who like to wear simple opaque tights while prefer to add a hint of spice.
PRODUCT CODE:  redpearl Regular Price:  $24.45 Sale Price:  $13.94

FASHION RETRO - Multiple Color Solid Stripe Pattern Pantyhose
A classical style of solid color stripe pattern sheer hosiery that appears to have garter-belts.
PRODUCT CODE:  retro Regular Price:  $22.80 Sale Price:  $13.00

FASHION BLITZ COLLANT - Flavorful Mystique Colorful Pattern Fishnet Tights
Exquisite colorful pattern fishnet tights. Each style has its own style and color attached.
PRODUCT CODE:  blitz2100 Regular Price:  $19.50 Sale Price:  $11.12

FASHION CHARME - Lace Garter-Belt Pattern Sheer Pantyhose
A garter-belt patterned sheer pantyhose, this style is made to satisfy those who love to wear garter stockings while disliking its roughness and uncomfort.
PRODUCT CODE:  Charme2010 Regular Price:  $22.50 Sale Price:  $12.83

FASHION CAMILLA - Diamond Pattern Large Fishnet Tights
Large diamond pattern fishnet tights giving off an air of maturity and a subtle feeling of fashion. Very Elegant.
PRODUCT CODE:  Camilla Regular Price:  $17.65 Sale Price:  $10.06

FASHION RAMAGE - Patterned Fishnet Thigh-Highs
Fishnet Thigh-Highs with a special long lined leaf pattern on the sid to make your legs longer and more skinny. For those who cannot find a pair of fashion fishnet Thigh-Highs.
Please note that there are only a limited quantity of color black still available. This style is of limited edition.
PRODUCT CODE:  ramage Regular Price:  $18.00 Sale Price:  $10.26

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