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HYD MAP - Flag and Culture Color Patterned Fishnet Tights

This is a pair that represents the commonalities between Great Britain and America. This pair contains American and British Flags along with cultural patterns representating these 2 countries. The color is mostly blue and red along with yellow and subtle hints of black. In addition, because they are fishnet tights, your skin color should be apparent when you wear them as well. This is a different and unique style also made by HYD. While we are not sure whether customers will like this style or not, we chose this style to enhance our collection. We hope you like them.

Fashion Alternative Fishnet Tights.

Cotton Gusset. Flat Seams.


Made with Fresh HYD Scent. Non-Allergenic.

Tested Free From Harmful Substances. Environmentally Friendly.

Made with Nylon & Spandex.
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