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Delicate Floral Fashion Thigh Highs

This is a pair of fashion floral pattern thigh-highs that is also unique in its own right. There are many fashion thigh-highs in the market today. However, to find a pair that has both sheerness and opacity is not that easy. At one point, EZHosiery.com was mistaken to think that this is a pair of Over-The-Knee tights. However, upon closer examination and HYD's correction, we have come to realize that this is a pair of fashion thigh-highs that can also be worn as over-the-knee tights if they are not pulled up too high. You may imagine that the style may be too long to only pull them above the knees. Please do note that they can be pulled down lower without loosing its pattern or shape. The sheerness of the style can be pulled higher and lower depending on your likeness. We highly suggest this style of thigh-highs as they can be matched easily. The opacity design looks like a pair of knee-highs socks too.

Self-Adhesive Thigh-Highs.

Unique 4 Fold Design:
1.Calf Area 40 Denier Textured.
2.2 Colored Floral Lining Below Knees.
3.2 Colored Line Pattern Over The Knees.
4.Mini-Micro Fishnet Above the Knees.

Three colors. Thermoironed.

Made with Fresh HYD Scent. Non-Allergenic.

Free From Harmful Substances. Environmentally Friendly.

Made with 85% Nylon & 15% Spandex
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