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HYD REDGARDEN - Red Floral Pattern Style Fashion Pantyhose.

WILD SEXY HOT & ELEGANT! This is a very beautiful pair of fashion floral pattern pantyhose. The floral pattern here is 3D. The floral pattern is not sewn into the pantyhose. The pattern shows very clearly when you wear them. The pattern extends from your waist down to your toes and the pantyhose does not easily run. We love this style because the floral pattern here looks very real. The color red shows clearly rosey red while the leafy green stem that connects with each flower, each rose shows vividly too. This style is elegant when you wear this with either a dress suit, a formal one piece dress or even a hip trendy hot short skirt.


No Pantylines.

Sheer to Waist, except for the floral pattern.

Cotton Gusset.

Reinforced toe that does not show. You can wear this with sandals slippers or high-heal sandals.

Tested Free For Harmful Substances.

Gives Out HYD Non-Allergenic Fresh Scent. A scent that is uniquely HYD's. The fresh scent keeps your feet fresh, your feet dry and also helps relieve stress all day long! Lovely scent.

Made with 85% Nylon & 15% Spandex.
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