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HYD RIVAGE - Fashion Messy Fishnet Tights

For those of you who likes fishnet tights but would like to be different, this is a great selection. This style is another very unique style designed by HYD. Rather than just a pair of fishnet tights with a floral pattern, this style itself is a pattern. It appears messy while controlled. They simply look like a spider web on your legs.

Fashion Alternative Fishnet Tights. Non-Set Fishnet Pattern. Consistent pattern from Toes to Waist.

Elastic Waist Band. Cotton Gusset.

Seamless. Thermoironed.

Made with Fresh HYD Scent. Non-Allergenic.

Tested Free From Harmful Substances. Environmentally Friendly.

Made with 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex.
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