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Round the Clock 149 Sizing Chart
Background to Round The Clock.
Round The Clock hosiery was established in 1945 at the end of World War II in the United States when the first seamless Nylon hosiery was manufactured. The invention of Nylon by Dupont Corp. induced the creation of various brands of hosiery, including Round The Clock. While seamless hosiery already existed prior to WWII, they were not manufactured through the use of Nylon but rather through Rayon. For over 60 years now, Round The Clock has been one of the most popular brands of hosiery in the world. Their hosiery have gathered the attention and retained the loyalty of women who have found their hosiery to be affordably comfortable and durable. Women love their hosiery for its perfect fit and its color selections. Round The Clock carries a vast and an everchanging variety styles of hosiery, especially pantyhose. All of their hosiery continue to be manufactured in the United States. With seamless pantyhose being one of their popular styles since 1945, their seamless pantyhose have gained an awarded recognition by women who carry an inherent passion towards pantyhose. Today, Round The Clock hosiery can be seen and purchased in many brand name department stores. The most popular seamless hosiery made by Round The Clock is style 137 pantyhose which has a girdle at the top. This style of pantyhose can be purchased below. EZHosiery.com is proud to bring forth this brand into our collection and share their hosiery with you. We hope you like their hosiery too!

Round The Clock 148 - Silky Sheer Control Top Pantyhose
Sizing Chart
A sheer pair of control top pantyhose that is especially made to feel silky from the toes to the waist. The control top area of this pantyhose feels silky so as to eliminate the pressuring feel many women try to avoid.
PRODUCT CODE:  roundtheclock148 Regular Price:  $6.00 Sale Price:  $3.42

Round The Clock 137 - Girdle At The Top Ultimate Shaping Sheer Pantyhose
Sizing Chart
Girdle At The Top features ultimate shaping that truly firms the tummy, hips and thighs while providing a beautiful Lycra sheer leg that is quite durable.
Temporarily out of stock due to slow production. Once we get them, we will update our website ASAP!
PRODUCT CODE:  roundtheclock137 Regular Price:  $12.50 Sale Price:  $7.13

Round The Clock 140 (660) - Silky Sheer Control Top Pantyhose
Sizing Chart
Silky feel and shimmering pair of pantyhose that extends from your waist to your toes. With control top and reinforced toe too.
PRODUCT CODE:  roundtheclock140 Regular Price:  $6.00 Sale Price:  $3.42

Round The Clock 609 - Light Support Control Top Pantyhose
Sizing Chart
Lightly supporting your legs on an evenly basis, this pair also controls your stomach area. Great to wear for those who wear hosiery on a daily basis.
PRODUCT CODE:  609 Regular Price:  $6.00 Sale Price:  $3.42

Round The Clock 149 - Satin Control Top & Ultra Sheer Leg Pantyhose
Sizing Chart
"Top has control top while leg feels ultra sheer"!
PRODUCT CODE:  149 Regular Price:  $6.00 Sale Price:  $3.42

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