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HYD Velo 8 - I Classics - Invisible 8 Denier Hosiery

Velo 8 I Classics. A Very Classical Ultra Sheer Style of Hosiery.

A 8 Denier Fine Lycra Hosiery with Many Spires to Ensure a Longer Life. This is an ultra sheer hosiery that is seamless and sheer to waist. Most ultra sheer hosiery "RUN" easily. However, with HYD style VELO 8, this style of pantyhose is very durable because of the fabric used. In addition, to your surprise, this pantyhose also have some compression to keep its firmess and elasticity. This style is great to wear with formal dresses when the big occasion hits.

Sheer Through the Body, Iron to the Form.

Seamless, and Cotton Gusset.

Pantyhose with a Comfortable Elastic Waist Band and Invisible Toe but Strong Invisible Toe.

Made with 83% Nylon and 17% Elastam Lycra.
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