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HYD WOOLLEN - Warm Winter Quality Wool Tights

The best and warmest winter tights we know, style WOOLLEN is made of wool. We chose this style because majority of the tights we know are either made with nylon or cotton. Many customers from the east coast and the north have asked us about selling warm and durable tights made with either cashmere or wool. Since HYD does make them, we want to share them with you. Style WOOLLEN is not too thick so as to extort the shape of your legs when worn on. They are just a tid bit thicker than any pair opaque tights. However, because of its fabric content, style Woollen simply appears smoother and even feel more comfortable than any pair of opaque tights. They look great when worn with dresses and skirts. There is a hint of shimmer when worn on. Great for daily wear, outdoor shopping wear, matching party wear or for snow activity wear. This is a high quality feel and look pair of tights.

Winter Wool Tights. Perfect for Winter Season.

Made with Premium Wool for Warmth and Durability. Ultra Comfortable Feel.

Made with 50% Wool, 45% Nylon & 5% Spandex.
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